Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning


Maintaining Tree Health, Aesthetics & Reducing
Ongoing Costs With Quality Tree Pruning

To the layperson pruning a branch may seem like a simple act. However, there is a real art behind effective tree pruning, from both a tree health and tree aesthetics point of view.

We pride ourselves in the highest quality craftsmanship when it comes to tree pruning and maintenance. When you have your tree pruned by a certified arborist you benefit on multiple levels, most importantly;

  • Tree health is maintained
  • On-going maintenance costs are reduced
  • The tree’s natural shape and aesthetics are preserved

As we are in an urban location, a lot of the drivers for pruning trees are due to them being in the way of human or building needs and frequently it is more about solving these needs than addressing the needs of the tree. As arborists we are continually having to get creative with how to achieve what the client wants, whilst maintaining the tree’s health and aesthetics.

We  provide a variety of tree care services including;

  • Structural pruning
  • Tree reductions
  • Tree thinning
  • Building clearance
  • Dead wood removal
  • Hazard prevention pruning
  • restorative pruning (when the tree has previously be poorly pruned)
  • Fruit tree pruning - follow the link to learn more about apple tree and other fruit tree pruning
  • Sensitive species pruning e.g. Garry Oak

Garry Oak (Quercus Garryana)

We specialize in and enjoy working with Garry Oaks. They are a valuable tree in our Ecosytem so much so that Oak Bay was named after the Garry Oakhealthier and safer work place for our team and clients

Advantage Tree care specialize in Garry Oak pruning and maintenance in Victoria BC

We ensure that we are always on top of our game when it comes to safety and training. To achieve this we

  • Have an experienced core team of certified arborist
  • Carry out on site risk assessments, identifying potential hazards and assessing how we can eliminate or minimize them prior to starting each job
  • Provide ongoing industry training opportunities for all of our employees
  • Ensure a healthy work/life balance which is essential, especially in a high risk job such as this
  • Collaborate with other skilled industry arborists - sharing experiences, knowledge and important  industry information around particular techniques, incidents and equipment.
  • Attend industry events such as ISA (Intentional Society of Arboriculture) conferences, Climbing Competitions, and local industry events such as Soak and Loam.

The nature of tree work is that it is very diverse, each job can present new challenges and opportunities to lean. As such, where jobs allow we take the opportunity to learn from real scenarios strengthening and building on the skills and knowledge of our overall team of arborists.

Communication is an essential part of a safe work site, that is especially true when dealing with removals. We work with and operate loud machinery and it is essential that the climber can have clear, unbroken means to communicate with their ground crew. We use top of the range Sena “in helmet” communication equipment.

Fruit Tree Pruning

Maintain your tree's health, aesthetics & fruitful crops find out more here ...

We provide the highest quality fruit tree pruning in Victoria BC.