Tree Health Inspections

Tree Health Inspections

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Tree health inspections are an important element of our tree care services in Victoria. Tree inspections provide a cost effective way to help you understand and mitigate against potentially costly damage caused by trees to your or your neighbors' property, we are tree experts at Advantage Tree Care and are well placed to provide you with impartial advice.

As a property owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your trees do not pose a risk to people and property. If you or a neighbor is concerned about the health and safety of a tree, it is recommended that you commission a certified arborist to carry out a tree risk assessment to determine the potential risks and to identify what work can be carried out to help mitigate the risks.

Contact us for a free initial consultation with a tree specialist to help you understand what is involved with tree health inspections and risk mitigation reports. We can help you understand and reduce the risk of costly damage.

Advantage Tree care performs hazardous tree removals and emergency tree work in Victoria BC

We should respect but not fear trees, even though they hold some form of risk they also provide a significant value in both the natural and urban world. When humans and buildings are amongst trees it is important to maintain, mange and care for the trees to ensure their safe and healthy existence.


We are experienced tree experts & ISA certified arborists, you can be assured that you and your trees are in the best of hands

There are several factors that can lead to trees posing a potential hazard to you, the public and property, such as

  • Tree disease, tree fungus, fungal decay or insect issues
  • Weakened root systems, due to compaction, construction, poor tree health or drought
  • Human influences such as, removal of bark,  poor quality tree work e.g bad pruning cuts or tree topping which can lead to weaknesses in the tree's structure
  • Storm, lightning and or snow damage
  • Natural growth weaknesses, overextending limbs or poor unions with included bark

These are some examples of different potential tree hazards which can be identified in a tree inspection and mitigated against through employing tree experts  to carry out a tree risk assessment.

Just because a tree may pose a risk or hazard it does not necessarily mean that the whole tree would need to be removed. depending on the situation there are several options to save the tree ,through carrying out preventative maintenance such as pruning of hazardous limbs, weight reduction pruning, cable and bracing. A quality tree risk assessment will be able to identify your options and costs.

As qualified arborists, when we assess trees we are able to begin to understand more about the tree and how much risk it poses to public safety based on it’s location and general health. Changing environmental conditions, for example, change in soil conditions through drought or excess water logging can have significant impacts on a tree’s health and stability. From tree assessments we can identify some health or weakness concerns and provide suggestions of ways to help reduce this risk of tree failure.