What you need to know about hiring a tree service company

What you need to know about hiring a tree service company

When it comes to the tree care and the tree service industry, there are a few important facts to check out before hiring a company to do any tree work on your property.  Here is a quick breakdown on our top three facts to get answered when looking to hire a tree service company.

1. Certified Arborist

Check to see if the tree service company is certified through the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) and sufficiently qualified to perform the work at hand. Checking this information will help give you confidence that you are employing a professional firm that will carry out the tree care to the relevant quality standards, whilst maintaining a safe working environment. ISA Certification numbers can be obtained before works.

2. Insurance

Most tree service companies you’ll find will be fully insured but it’s always a good practice to double check their paper work for the correct coverage and that it is up to date. Please feel free to contact us  for further details.

3. Experience in the Tree Services Industry

The experience of the tree service company is important for both the safety of your property and general public and the workers themselves. It is also important when it comes to the ongoing health, safety and aesthetics of your trees. Unless you have got a personal recommendation it is worth spending some time exploring the company website and asking around for references. You want to ensure that you are in safe, professional hands.

With Advantage Tree Care you can rest assured that we meet all the requirements listed above.  We’re a full service tree care company that offers a wide range of services to fit your every need.  If you would like to talk with us to find out more or to ask for references give us a call today.