Why work with an ISA certified Arborist?

Why work with an ISA certified Arborist?

By choosing an ISA certified arborist (like Advantage Tree Care), it means that you’ve got quality workmanship and experience on your side as well as extensive theoretical and practical knowledge of tree health, safety, and management.

1. Safety

There are a number of elements to operating a safe worksite. On top of the relevant insurance, risk assessments and work safety procedures, we understand that one of the most important factors to a safe work site is a happy and healthy team.

2. Rigorous Training Standards

Certified arborists are skilled, educated, and are held accountable to ISA industry work standards. As a company we are always keeping up with current techniques and training to ensure a healthier and safer workplace for our team and clients

3. Specialized Equipment

As ISA Arborists we have specialized equipment which allows us to be dynamic and versatile when it comes to handling a variety of technically challenging jobs. This equipment also helps with risk assessments and identifying potential hazards prior to starting each job

At Advantage Tree Care we have a variety of tree care services available for residential and commercial customers, including tree pruning, stump removal, and emergency tree services. Get in touch with your local Arborists in Victoria for a quotation.